Meet Libby

Our family has grown again. First there were dogs, then there were kids, then there were chickens. Now we are back to adding a sweet dog, Libby Jane. Here’s what we have learned about her in the short week she has been with us.

1. She’s already Jamie’s girl. He learned about Libby when a friend sent him her picture and information from an animal shelter in Montgomery County. He drove up there to meet her and, of course, fell in love immediately. She came home with him that afternoon and has followed him around ever since. When he leaves for work, she paces through the house frantically searching for him. Already, there’s a whole lot of love. 

2. She’s a snuggler. Despite her 60+ pounds, she thinks she’s a lap dog and will lay on top of you while you relax on the sofa.  

3. Which reminds me, I had planned to keep her off the sofa completely. You know that dog smell that gets in the cushions and the way the fabric rips with time? I was hoping to avoid that all together and train her that the sofa was off limits. This is how that is going:

4. She loves to be outside. We spent our first evening watching her fetch tennis balls and race through the yard with the boys.

 Then she took an interest in the chickens, running round and round the coop. Eventually she pawed at the chicken wire and very quickly pushed the caging up enough to get into the coop. Mayhem erupted. Feathers flew. Screams echoed. Libby cornered and pinned one of the chickens, but Jamie got into the coop to grab her just as I opened the door so the chickens could all escape. In the end, the chickens survived unscathed. But they have lost some freedom until we Libby proof their run.  

5. She’s an expert at sneaking food off the table. Recently, I left my toast unattended for a few seconds. When I returned, the plate was empty and she was gobbling down my breakfast.  

6. There’s a lot of puppy still in her. Our house is the perfect treasure trove of random plastic bite-sized toys. She has found fifty percent of them and chewed them into a plastic pulp. In a few more days, my house should be less cluttered as we lose the other fifty percent to her teeth. 

7. I’ve always heard that dogs will not poop in their crates. I just want to clarify that this is a falsehood, folks.  I’ll spare you the picture. 

8. The last week has brought an intense wave of poop and pee into my life. A lot of it is not exactly her fault. We had to take her to the vet for an ear infection and learned that she has probably had a severe infection for most of her life. She’s on a host of medicines to resolve this issue, one of them being prednisone, which makes her have to potty quite frequently. Hopefully her ears will be healed up soon and she’ll progress toward peeing in the grass instead of the basement floor.  

9. Life just got a whole lot more messy and crazy at our house. I didn’t think that was even possible. Yet, I’m fairly certain it will all be worth it, for we are quite smitten with our Libby.


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