Adventures in Growing a Human 

Best Of All

1. Food. My whole day revolves around eating and goes something like this: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner, snack. Coffee ice cream every night? Sure. Cherry pie before breakfast? Why not! Other favorites are french fries, watermelon, and macaroni and cheese. It is no wonder I’ve gained as much weight to date as I did during my entire pregnancy with Parker. The feast is in full effect.

2. Nesting. My house hasn’t been this clean since…well, since I was pregnant with Parker. I am deep into clearing out the clutter, throwing away all the junk we’ve acquired, and organizing all of my life into tidy boxes with labels. Cue the chorus of angels singing. You may be wondering if I’m purging any of my boys’ clothing to make way for pink. The answer is no. Not yet. The theme for this pregnancy will be “surprise” from the beginning all the way until we meet this sweet little one. 

3. Quickening. I’m fairly certain I’ve felt acrobatics for months. With each passing week the movements grow in strength and now the jabs and kicks can be felt by a hand resting on my belly. Stirs and whirls flutter within. I am amazed each and every time. Each movement is a small reminder of how miraculous it is to grow a life.  

Worst Of All

1. Food. By the end of the day, there is no more space inside my torso. It’s jam packed with organs, a baby, and several pounds of food. But ice cream is my favorite, so I help myself to one more bowl after dinner. That last serving is what pushes me over the edge toward unrelenting discomfort. The rest of the evening I have the distinct feeling that must accompany a sausage as it’s stuffed into the casing.  

2. Veins. It’s warmed up enough for me to consider wearing shorts. However, when I looked down and saw a 75-year-old leg attached to my body, it was a bit horrifying. The arachnids responsible for my spider veins are certainly working overtime. My right calf is splayed with fine purple webs that make me suited and ready for Halloween festivities. Not to be out done, varicose veins are throbbing their way through the same calf. I’ve been informed I should wear stockings to combat these little boogers. We shall see how that goes in the summer heat.

3. Peeing. Not just frequently, but also on my clothing. When I was a kid, a friend and I used to laugh hysterically when our conversation turned to her mother’s incontinence. Now, I realize that karma really does come around. I tend to get a cough each spring, but it’s always worse when I’m pregnant. This year, I get the added bonus of sometimes peeing on myself when a coughing fit seizes my body. Cough, cough, gusssshhh. Hello, extra laundry!

Most Important Of All

This is the first pregnancy I’ve been able to maintain a consistent exercise routine. As I’ve mentioned before, during my other pregnancies I mostly laid on the couch Homer Simpson style while eating ice cream and watching “The Biggest Loser.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It was the place I needed to be all those years ago.  

Now, I’m in a different place.  

Weeks ago, I drove up to Blacksburg through a rainstorm to meet my Tuesday morning running group at Pandapas Pond. As the rain fell in spurts across my windshield, I couldn’t help but notice my growing belly extending toward the steering wheel. “Who runs in the rain while they are pregnant?” I asked myself. “This is crazy.”  

I sat with the weight of my question and then I did something important. I gave it away. Instead, I thought of all the good it does me to get outside, to move my body, and to see good friends. The answer to my question was right in my rear view mirror. “Me. I run in the rain.” I decided there is basically only one set of rules that really matter to me, and they are my own. As long as I live by them, I shall live well.  

The world is full of walls, some real and some imagined. The walls that are hardest to break through are the ones that we have unknowingly built around ourselves. Instead of doubting myself for being a pregnant woman who plans to run in the rain, I decided pull out the wrecking ball. I have the ability to change my rules, to alter my mindset, to reexamine the framework I operate under. I have a responsiblity to seek and follow my personal truths.

I’ve been reading “The Joy Diet” by Martha Beck and have fallen in love with her idea of pairing seemingly dissimilar interests together in our lives. We shatter imaginary boundaries when we learn to weave together unique components within our life story. We become intententional, we get creative, we seek out fulfillment. I don’t have to be pregnant OR a runner. I can, in fact, be both. I suspect that this concept was a driving force when we took small children on a trip overseas. Somewhere deep down I knew that I could be a parent AND travel across the world. I didn’t have to choose one or the other.  

Though I was certainly ready to face the rain that day, I ended up missing it entirely. As I drew closer to Pandapas, the drops became intermittent. Before my running group started down the trail, the rain had ceased all together.  

I waddled through the greening woods with one of my favorite running partners resting right on top of my bladder. Then I said a silent prayer to the pee Gods that I’d make it to the bathroom with enough time to spare.  

Baby bump

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Growing a Human 

  1. Laughing about incontinence— Now I’m laughing. I had conpletely forgotten how hilarious that was back then. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, yay baby 3!


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